About the LALSS

The Lincoln Alexander Law Students' Society (the "LALSS") was founded in September 2020 by students of the Lincoln Alexander School of Law at Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University).

Formerly known as the Ryerson Law Students' Society (the "RLSS"), the LALSS took on its new name shortly after the law school was officially renamed the Lincoln Alexander School of Law in May 2021. The LALSS comprises students elected by their peers to represent the academic, social, and professional interests of all Lincoln Alexander Law students during their time in law school. 

‚ÄčThe students, faculty, and administration at Lincoln Alexander Law are all committed to building strong foundations and advancing our shared interest in the success of this institution. This is why the LALSS has and will continue to work closely with all stakeholders to foster a collaborative environment. We listen to student concerns and have advocated for positive changes to the student experience during the school's inaugural year. We also assist in the formation of student organizations and promotion of extracurricular activities and events with the goal of ensuring that all students have the opportunity to have a rewarding law school experience.


Organizational Structure

The LALSS comprises an elected Student Executive and year Representatives from each cohort. The Executive is made up of five members: the President and the four Vice-President positions. Three Representatives are elected from each class year and sit on the Academic Committee (AC) and the Social and Financial Committee (SFC). The AC is chaired by the VP Academic, and the SFC is co-chaired by the VP Social & External and VP Finance.

In January 2021, the LALSS approved the creation of the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Council. The EDI Council comprises one representative from each Student Association. Every spring, the EDI Representatives elect one person from the Council membership to serve as the LALSS' VP Equity. The VP Equity is backed by a Council of diverse voices to help inform the LALSS on student matters and issues pertaining to equity, diversity and inclusion.

LALSS Executive Council

Kien Azinwi
Grace McColl
Vice-President, Social and External Affairs
Martina Bestawros
Vice-President, Academics and Governance
Sunny Pabla
Vice-President of Finance