Academic Links

Please find below a list of LALSS Academic resources that you may find useful: (Click on the title to access the link)

Textbook List 2023-24:This document contains information regarding which textbook(s) are required for each course offered.

LALSS Used Textbooks Market 2023-2024:This document is to be used as a marketplace resource where students can sell/buy textbooks from other students. 

LALSS Summary Database:The LALSS Summary Database contains a collection of syllabi, outlines, and study materials from Lincoln Alexander students’ from previous years.

LALSS Summary Submission: The LALSS Summary Database submission form for upper year Lincoln Alexander students to submit summaries from prior years.

Please note: these documents were not created by the school’s administration. Prior to purchasing any textbook, please confirm with your instructor. If there are any discrepancies, please let Taqwa ( know. 

You will need to be signed into your TMU account to access these resources.

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