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Discord is our primary communication space for our student community. If you are not a member of our discord server please click on the link below that corresponds to your year.
1L Discord
2L Discord
3L Discord
This year the LALSS has created a WhatsApp Community to make it easier to chat with each other or to reach us directly. We will be using it for broadcast messages and to facilitate conversation. If you have WhatsApp You can access the community and add yourself to individual channels to join the conversation.
LALSS Community
1L Chat
2L Chat
3L Chat
There are separate Facebook Groups for each of the cohorts! Join your respective group to connect and coordinate with folks in your cohort.
Class of 2026
Class of 2025
Class of 2024
Follow us on Instagram to see event updates and exciting day-to-day happenings!
Follow us on Instagram
Website – Coming Soon!
Stay Tuned! We are in the process of launching a new and improved website that is scheduled to be launched at the end of this week.
FIND US IN PERSON!!! – Student Lounge (POD443A)
Swing by the LALSS office in the student lounge to chat and ask us questions in-person! There will generally be a student leader in the office during lunch times – and official office hours will be scheduled soon! 

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