OCI, Recruit, Post-Recruit Series

Calling all 2Ls! We want to hear from you!

LALSS is hosting three job recruitment sessions to assist in navigating the OCI process and the job search outside of the organized recruit!

1. How to prepare for virtual OCIs: September 20, 6pm, POD457

2. How to master in-firm in-person interviews: Nov 1, 6pm, POD457

3. Job search beyond the 2L regulated recruit: Jan 24, 6pm, Location TBD

If this Series sounds at all interesting to you, please fill out this anonymous form.

Please tell us what interests, questions or concerns you have for us to work out the agenda accordingly.

Calling all 3Ls! We need you to volunteer!

If you are interested in sharing your insights, tips, and experience with the 2L organized recruit or non-OCI job hunt, please fill out the form!

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