Reimbursement Request FORM

This form must be completed to start the process of expense reimbursement for activities and events run by LALSS student organizations.
Please keep the following in mind before you begin:

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One Reimbursement Request per Activity

Please remember that you will be required to complete one reimbursement request form per person, per activity or event.

Receipts and Documentation

Please include images of your receipts in an appropriate format (PDF, JPG, PNG, BMP)

Organization Information

Before you can submit a reimbursement, news, calendar, event or sponsorship form your organization must complete an Organization Information Form. This must be completed by the leadership of your organization.


Most requests involve a review or approval process which may include leadership within your organization, the VP of Finance or Social of the LALSS and in some cases staff from TMU (LASL or Central). Please allow time for processing a request or submission.


If you have any questions or need any help please reach out to a member of the LALSS executive for assistance.

Reimbursement Form

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Organization / Event Details

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If your event was pre-approved through a funding request please select your event from the list below.
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