Sikh Law Students’ Association

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The Sikh Law Students’ Association (SLSA) at Lincoln Alexander School of Law shall be part of a broader
network of Sikh organizations, legal and non-legal, across Canada. SLSA will be committed to improving
access to legal education and professional opportunities among the Sikh diaspora in Canada.
Particularly, SLSA will be focused on promoting equity, diversity and inclusion in the legal field by raising
awareness of legal issues impacting the Sikh community in Canada. Based on the Sikh values of honesty,
compassion, generosity, humility, integrity, and service, SLSA will serve as a place for Sikh and non-Sikh
students to connect to learn about law, gain insights into the legal profession, and network with leading
lawyers in the field. The SLSA will also provide a place for Sikh students to obtain community support,
mentorship & guidance, and a place for non-Sikh students to learn more about and meaningfully engage
with the Sikh community.