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Clubs (Practice Areas)

The Health Law Society (HLS) at the Lincoln Alexander School of Law (LASL) is dedicated to exploring both Canadian and global issues at the intersection of health and law. Topics include health policy, health care law, bioethics, human rights, international solidarity, and global health law, among others. The HLS serves as the principal venue for sharing ideas, building connections, and practicing advocacy skills on issues of health law.

Sally Abudiab

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Lincoln Alexander Francophone Students Association



The Lincoln Alexander Francophone Students Association is a community for french-speaking and aspiring french-speaking students, who have a desire to maintain their French for use in their legal careers, and advocate for linguistic rights in a bilingual and bijural system.

L’association des étudiants francophones à la faculté de droit Lincoln Alexander est un communauté pour les francophones et francophiles à la faculté, qui ont un désir de maintenir leur connaissance du français pour son utilisation dans leurs carrières juridiques et pour représenter les droits linguistiques.

Isabela Bibulovic

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Mandy Yee Co-President

Sikh Law Students' Association



The Sikh Law Students’ Association (SLSA) at Lincoln Alexander School of Law shall be part of a broader
network of Sikh organizations, legal and non-legal, across Canada. SLSA will be committed to improving
access to legal education and professional opportunities among the Sikh diaspora in Canada.
Particularly, SLSA will be focused on promoting equity, diversity and inclusion in the legal field by raising
awareness of legal issues impacting the Sikh community in Canada. Based on the Sikh values of honesty,
compassion, generosity, humility, integrity, and service, SLSA will serve as a place for Sikh and non-Sikh
students to connect to learn about law, gain insights into the legal profession, and network with leading
lawyers in the field. The SLSA will also provide a place for Sikh students to obtain community support,
mentorship & guidance, and a place for non-Sikh students to learn more about and meaningfully engage
with the Sikh community.

Mehtab Samra

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Anish Jammu Director of Event Operations
Mehtab Samra Director of Communications & External Affairs
Ishmeet Juneja Director of Finance & Operations
Simran Bhola Director of Marketing
Arshdeep Buall Executive Coordinator
Harneet Kular Deputy Director of Event Operations
Loveleen Sidhu Deputy Director of Communications & External Affairs
Sunny Pabla Deputy Director of Finance & Operations
Navjot Mann Deputy Director of Marketing
Jash Dhaliwal Impact Coordinator
Sahibjot Bajwa Impact Coordinator
Amanjot Matharu 1L Representative
Kanwar Brar Deputy Executive Coordinator & 3L Representative

Lincoln Alexander Business Law Society


Clubs (Practice Areas)

The Lincoln Alexander Business Law Society (LABLS) provides resources and opportunities for students to learn more about the world of business law. We aim to expose students to this field by creating fun events where students can meet practicing lawyers, ask questions, receive valuable advice, and gain the tools needed to build the careers they desire. Our mission is to provide resources that will positively shape a student’s perspective of business law.

Nour Al-Saied

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Asia Pacific Law Students Association



The Asia Pacific Law Students Association (APLSA) is a dynamic and inclusive organization dedicated to nurturing the next generation of legal professionals across the Asia-Pacific region. Founded on the principles of equity, collaboration, and advocacy, APLSA is a thriving community of law students committed to shaping the future of the legal profession.

Miriam Panahi

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Dorothy Dinh Chan Director of Marketing

Muslim Law Students' Association



The Lincoln Alexander MLSA aims to be a source of encouragement for Muslim law students to become well-integrated and participating members of society without undermining their religious identities. We promote a sense of community among Muslim students and between Muslim and non-Muslim students at Lincoln Alexander Law, while promoting social justice within and beyond our school.

Aminah Khan

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Lila Mansour Co-President

Lincoln Alexander Law Students' Society



James Noronha

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Family Law Students Society


Clubs (Practice Areas)

The Family Law Student's Society is a vibrant and inclusive student organization dedicated to the study, practice, and advancement of family law. Committed to fostering a supportive community and nurturing future family law professionals, our club provides law students with a platform to explore, discuss, and engage with the multifaceted world of family law. Whether you're passionate about advocating for the rights of children, helping individuals navigate divorce, or shaping the future of family law policy, our society is the perfect place for you to thrive.

Michelle Atalla

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Michelle Atalla
Alexandra Saunders
Adriana Totera

Lincoln Alexander International Law Society


Clubs (Practice Areas)

Avani Joshi

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Lincoln Alexander Advocacy Society


Special Clubs and Affiliates

The Lincoln Alexander Advocacy Society (LAAS) is a student-led organization focused on supplementing LASL’s advocacy program by sharing information and supporting opportunities related to mooting and lawyering skills. We believe that anyone and everyone at LASL should be able to learn about mooting, negotiating, and other lawyering skills in both competitive and non-competitive settings. LAAS works with SEE, LALSS and other LASL clubs and associations to provide access and support to a variety of advocacy-related opportunities and resources for all LASL students.

Esther Chung

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Jenn Gaines Co-Chair

Criminal Law Student Society


Clubs (Practice Areas)

The Criminal Law Student Society welcomes all students interested in learning more about criminal law and practice. We focus on providing course support to 1L students in JUR 106, hosting engaging events to network with criminal practitioners and campus events for student engagement. This year, we also offer alumni relations support for those looking to connect with articling students working in public or private criminal practice.

Navrose Dhillon

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Kayla Terceira Alumni Relations

Womxn's Legal Education Association



WLEA aims to build a community of women-identifying law students with an objective to analyze the various ways in which the law impacts women in society along with the unique challenge’s women encounter in the legal profession. Through professional networking opportunities, peer mentorship, advocacy campaigns, community initiatives, and events attended by notable guest speakers, WLEA will use education as a tool to address important topics, to inspire female leadership, and to effectuate change in the legal community. 

Patricia Arulchelvam

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Patricia Arulchelvam Co-President
Stephanie Ghazarian Co-President

Lincoln Alexander South Asian Law Students’ Association



To be a stronghold for South Asian representation at the Lincoln Alexander School of Law at Ryerson University (Lincoln Law), and to create a safe space for South Asian law students to network and grow.

Isha Patel

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Devraj Adajania Co-President

Labour & Employment Society


Clubs (Practice Areas)

LELS brings together LASL students with an interest in labour and employment law. We organize events such as firm tours, professional panels, moots and networking events to connect students with leading practitioners. 

We seek to broaden students’ understanding of the labour and employment law landscape and fuel their passion for social justice, litigation and advocacy.

Our social media channels will keep you up to date on current issues, controversial decisions, reforms and innovations within L&E law and post opportunities for students interested in pursuing employment or volunteer positions in this area of law.

Shirin Mollayeva

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Contact Name Title Contact Email
Muskan Balagan Co-President
Aisha Abawajy VP
Andrew White VP Finance
Jenna Riina VP Marketing & Communications
Braelyn Guppy VP Events
Nefisa Ansong VP External Affairs
Meagan MacArthur Research Manager
Ralisa Saywack EDAI Manager
Stephanie Naraman Social Media Manager

Lincoln Alexander Sports and Entertainment Law Society


Clubs (Practice Areas)

The Lincoln Sports & Entertainment Law Society has a dual mission that sets us apart in our field. Firstly, our goal is to unite students who share a strong passion for sports and entertainment law with industry leaders and our vibrant local community. Secondly, we are committed to enhancing the industry as a whole through a combination of thought-provoking events, valuable networking opportunities, and insightful blogging.

What distinguishes our society from others in the sports and entertainment law domain is our strategic location in the heart of downtown Toronto, just steps away from the offices of key industry leaders. This proximity provides us with unparalleled access to firsthand insights, invaluable mentorship, and immediate networking opportunities. Moreover, our society's unwavering dedication to equity is a hallmark. We are determined to exemplify what diverse leadership should entail and aspire to effect meaningful change in the legal community through deliberate engagement, impactful initiatives, and collaborative efforts.

We invite you to join us in shaping the future of sports and entertainment. Together, we will pioneer new frontiers, drive progress in equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI), and create a lasting legacy in the broader Toronto community.

Malik Nembhard

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Contact Name Title Contact Email
Zain Ahmed Vice-President
Alisha Dossani Director of Administration
Will Sirman Director of Finance
Rajita Sharma Director of Events
Aminah Haghighi EDI Officer
Sehijpal Kang Marketing Officer
Micaela Smith Editor-In-Chief

Lincoln Alexander Property Law Society

Property Law Society

Property Law Society Logo
Property Law Society Logo
Encompassing all areas of property law -- both intellectual property and real property!

Clubs (Practice Areas)

The Property Law Society offers a safe and collaborative space for students to develop interests related to all aspects of property law; including but not limited to wills & estates, real property, trademarks, copyright law, patents, social media law, entertainment law, etc! We provide opportunities for professional development, as well as personal development -- so you can carve your own path to property law whilst in Law School, and tailor your experience in our club to the specific kinds of opportunities you're looking for. We've got it all, mentorship, networking, legal writing projects, awesome events, and so much more.

Shany Raitsin

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Black Law Students' Association Lincoln

BLSA Lincoln


Founded in 2020, the Black Law Students' Association (BLSA) at the Lincoln Alexander School of Law is committed to improving access to legal education and professional opportunities in the Black community. We aim to connect, inform and support Black students at the Lincoln Alexander School of Law through the powers of community, inclusivity, and opportunity.

Our goal is to create a strong and resilient community for current and prospective Black students at the Lincoln Alexander School of Law and those who have demonstrated a vested interest in advancing the goals of the Black community. We intend to do our part through leadership and mentorship to ensure we promulgate access to justice that is equitable and inclusive. Empathy, respect, integrity, and excellence are at the forefront of our vision.

We believe that our guiding principles embody and solidify the Lincoln Alexander School of Law's commitments to equity, diversity, and inclusion. We believe our work will lead to an increase in meaningful representation of Black-identifying people in law schools and law firms, both domestically and internationally. We plan to foster a community that prioritizes and accurately reflects Black experiences within our legal system. We extend our efforts to the wider Black community and hope to move forward in a progressive and innovative manner to uplift and continue to empower our community.

Teni Odetoyinbo

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Alexis Riley VP Communications
Rachèl Dunn EDI Officer
Joycelyn Martey Secretary

Lincoln Alexander School of Law Christian Legal Fellowship



We are a non-denominational Christian association that exists to support and encourage the Lincoln Alexander Law School community through fellowship, discussions, social gatherings, and community service. Everyone is welcome as we explore, faith, life, and the law together. We are a student chapter of Christian Legal Fellowship, a national association of over 700 lawyers, law students, and jurists, with student chapters in 17 law schools across Canada.

Coco Wang

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Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers - Lincoln Alexander Chapter


White background with navy blue logo text that reads “CARL ACAADR Lincoln Alexander Chapter”

Clubs (Practice Areas)

The Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers, Lincoln Alexander Chapter (CARL LA) is a student chapter of CARL National. CARL serves as an informed national voice on refugee law and the human rights of refugees and forced migrants, and promotes consistent practices in the treatment of refugees in Canada. CARL LA participates in this work through independently organized events and initiatives, and CARL National projects.

Chantelle McDonald

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Maha Khawaja Co-President